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"We live in an era of IT: Be Empowered!"

Haputale to develop itself as a 'Digital Municipality'

Haputale: "We live in an era of IT: Be Empowered!"

To coincide with the swearing-in ceremony of President Mahinda Rajapaksa's 2nd term, the Urban Council of Haputale, a small municipality located in Badulla district, has resolved to developed Haputale as a tourist site in Sri Lanka.

Welcoming this initiative, Koslanda Nenasala Director S. Srikanthan, extended his support to the business community of Haputale by empowering them with the advantages of ICT resources available at their Nenasalas.

Srikanthan conducted an awareness building program on 20th November 2010 at the Urban Council Hall in Haputale town and created awareness on how the businessmen in the area can generate more business opportunities by making use of internet and computers. Therefore the main purpose of this awareness building program was to empower the business community of the area with ICT.

Most significant factor of this workshop was that Srikanthan introduced the concept of 'Haputale Digital Municipality', where all businessmen in the area would go online, access the web and do their businesses and generate a good income in future days to come. Srikanthan strongly believes that,not only the businessmen, but also the children, youth, women and other disadvantaged minorities in the area will also be benefited through this concept.

More than fifty businessmen in the area participated in the event and addressing the gathering, Srikanthan gave a comprehensive introduction explained how the businesses can make use of ICT and requested all the businessmen to visit the Nenasala located in Haputale town named "George James Telecentre (Nenasala)".

He further reiterated that we are live in the digital era where we need to adopt new technology in doing business as it can expand the market not only in local level, but also to the international level. Added to that he further explained the importance of record keeping in doing businesses as they could analyze their business records and create future plans to expand and develop their business.

George James Telecentre is grateful to Farees Mohideen, Dilan Manuranga, Mariashila, Bhavana, Manusha, and Harsha for their support in making this event a success. He further thanked Knorr-Bremse Global Care for their financial support in developing ICT education and employment opportunities across the Hill Country.