Rural Knowledge Centers of Sri Lanka

Srikanthan's address to Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy Conference, New Delhi

S. Sri Kanthan
S. Srikanthan of Koslanda
Koslanda Nanasala
Koslanda Nanasala

Distinguished guests, organizers of the Conference, and my fellow rural knowledge workers from across the nation and abroad!

Coming from the village of Koslanda in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, where words like "Internet" and "Information Technology" were unheard of until recently, it is a great honour and a privilege to be standing here before at this great assembly in the capital city of our great neighbor India. Together with my Sri Lankan colleagues, I am attending this gathering as a representative of the Rural Knowledge Movement.

In Sri Lanka, the ICTA, or Information & Communications Technology Agency of the Government of Sri Lanka, has established 400 Rural Knowledge Centers or 'Nanasalas', and aims to establish 1,000 Nanasala very soon. My Koslanda Nanasala is one of them. I wish that all our Nanasala operators could come to India with me. But I only have been selected to represent them.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of ICT to every village and every household in Sri Lanka. In particular, we use ICT to empower women, young people, and handicapped people.

We want our young people to find good education and employment opportunities so they can enjoy a good life in their villages, without migrating to towns and cities.

My older sister, younger brother, and I are using ICT to overcome our handicap and to help other handicapped families to improve their living conditions.

Fellows of the Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy for Rural Prosperity! Kindly give me a few minutes of your time, and I will show you what we are doing in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka with the support of the ICTA and other partner organizations.