Rural Knowledge Centers of Sri Lanka Site Map

  1. Rural Knowledge Centers of Sri Lanka
  2. e-Sri Lanka and ICT for all
  3. e-Services offered by Telecentres
  4. The ICTA establishes Nanasalas or Rural Knowledge Centers or Telecenters
  5. Empowering a Knowledge Society through Distance and e-learning Network
  6. ICTA grants up to Rs 500,000 for ICT projects
  7. Haputale Nanasala promotes Haputale Digital Municipality concept
  8. Koslanda Nanasala family of projects
  9. Rural Knowledge Resource Articles
  10. Remote Treating of Genetic Disorders
  11. Nanasala at Colombo Fort Railway Station
  12. In memory of volunteer Pushparekha 15.06.1988 - 10.12.2008
  13. Sri Kanth walks tall in the IT world
  14. Koslanda Nanasala ICT success story
  15. Koslanda Nanasala Student Photo Gallery
  16. Deyata Sevana national programme to plant 1.1 million saplings in Sri Lanka in 11 minutes
  17. Poonagala ICT Headstart Project
  18. Nenasala operators shine at 3rd Global Knowledge Conference, Kuala Lumpur 11-13 December 2007
  19. TeNeT's Rural BPO Initiative
  20. Connecting Villages through ICT
  21. Mission 2007 confers National Virtual Academy fellowship on 25 international telecentre workers
  22. Srikanthan's address to Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy Conference, New Delhi
  23. Empowering a Knowledge Society through Distance and e-learning Network
  24. Information Technology Penetration and the ICTA
  25. Digital Inclusion: Equality of Opportunity to the Visually Handicapped through ICT
  26. Colombo Fort Railway Station Nenasala (article in Tamil)
  27. CDMA Telecom Livelihood project dedicated to improving life for disabled people of the hill country
  28. Glenanore, Heeloya, Welimada, Bandarawela and Koslanda Telecentres now operational
  29. Download free fonts, forms & softwares
  30. Nanasala related online resources