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Experienced Child Support Attorneys

During a divorce, child support obligations may be unknown. That’s why a child support attorney is needed to help you find out what those obligations are. For a case like this, you can find an experienced attorney at Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids.

Child support is based on the income of the non-custodial parent. In addition, there are other costs that must be considered such as day care and health insurance. These items also play a big role in determining the amount of alimony. There is a calculator for alimony that can accurately calculate the amount of alimony, but there are some exceptions that cannot be entered into the calculator.

Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids

In this, you need the help of a lawyer who will be able to assess your circumstances and your possibilities, based on which he will develop an appropriate strategy to determine the amount of child support.

Under federal child support law, you can get a review of your child support obligations every three years. In addition, if there is a legal change in circumstances, you can submit a request to determine the change in certain circumstances. For things like this, you definitely need the help of a professional like a family law attorney. If the custody schedule changes, then the child support order must also be changed. That’s why this lawyer will advise you to keep a custody calendar so that all the facts can be accurately presented in court.

If you need to know how much your child support is and what your rights and obligations are, consult with Family Lawyers in Grand Rapids and be prepared for any trial.